Sunday, 9 August 2009

Light Labs

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in our Light Labs. These were attended by about 140 people throughout eight locations all over Shetland. All ages came, from three years old to eighty plus. We have a "mobile" media lab, which meant everyone could record short films using our “easy peezie” Flip Camcorders. Emma and Roxane showed everyone how to use these and then helped everyone to edit their films using iMovie on one of our MacBooks. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing how Nayan translated their films into moving coloured light by using Pharos software. This software programme is a free download from the Internet, so some of the folk who began learning how to use it can continue if they like. We’ll use all the clips to form the Mirrie Dancers illuminations throughout Shetland this winter.

Lace Knitters Begin

Our Lace Labs kicked off with a fish-n chips supper at the Voxter Centre near Brae in the northern part of Shetland’s mainland. Fifteen of the skilled Shetland Lace knitters who are taking part in the project joined Roxane and Nayan to see how samples of knitted lace look through our special Mirrie Lace projector. Everyone received their Mirrie Lace ‘Kit Bag’ and took home a range of yarns, threads and wires to begin the process of exploration and experimentation to develop Lace Light works.