Monday, 21 June 2010

Mirrie Lace

We've been working on the lace projections down in London in Nayan's studio in preparation for our exhibition opening at Bonhoga Gallery on Friday evening, 2nd July. You can see we've been experimenting with scale. This piece was knitted by Bab Fraser in mohair.

It was very difficult to narrow down the choices, but we've chosen eighteen different pieces of lace for the light installation in the exhibition. We've tried to show one piece by each knitter as well as the range of patterns and materials that the knitters have been exploring over the last year.

Each knitted piece is stitched into a template so that it can be mounted in the light projector. We've also met with the Shetland Lace knitters for a Lace Lab at Bonhoga Gallery in the first week of June to discuss final details for the show. Everyone's written something about the work they've done, and the photographer, Ivan Hawick, came and took a portrait of each knitter to display in the show.

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