Friday, 2 July 2010

Mirrie Lace Nearly There

Nayan and I have been working very hard to get all the work together that we've been doing with the knitters over this last year for the opening tomorrow night at Bonhoga Gallery. In this photo you can see Shetland Lace knitted by Gwen Williamson in the process of adjusting the projector position.

We've been at Bonhoga Gallery all week along with Emma, our project assistant, who has been helping with all sorts of things, including cables and painting the patch on this wall. In this photo you can see the Shetland Lace knitted by Helen Robertson before we adjusted the focus.

Chelsea has been supporting us recently at Shetland Arts. She's standing in front of Shetland Lace knitted by Bab Fraser in mohair.

I'm very pleased with the way everything is looking. We have about 90 pieces of knit on display in the stairwell and we have eighteen lace knit projections in the main gallery. Nayan's programming overnight while I try to finish up the slideshow that will contextualise the project and be shown in the stairwell. You can see Nayan standing in Christine Smith's piece of Shetland Lace knitted in an extremely thin, flat sort of copper ribbon which reflects different colours of light.

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